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Jessica Noel, DVM

Chief of Staff

Advanced Courses/Lectures attended:

  • Dentistry for Veterinarians: Extractions with the Dog with Dr. Cindy Charlier – January 2015
  • NAVC 2015 Dentistry Canine Extraction Wet Labs with Dr. Jan Bellows – January 2015
  • Michigan State University CVM Dental Lecture and Wet Lab with Dr. Jim Moore – December 2015
  • Veterinary Dental Forum Minneapolis – September 2016
  • New York Veterinary Conference – November 2017
  • Animal Dental Training Center with Dr. Ira Luskin – Dental Periodontics, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology – August 2018

Dr. Jessica Noel is a 2006 graduate of MSU College of Veterinary Medicine. She worked in small animal general and emergency medicine for six years prior to opening South Arbor. She has a special interest in dentistry, behavioral medicine, and assisting owners with end-of-life counseling and hospice care for their furry family members.

Dr. Noel believes in the importance of quality wellness medicine in order to have our pets live longer, healthier lives. She emphasizes annual exams, annual blood work, appropriate vaccinations, maintaining a healthy weight, a quality diet, and consistent dental care.

She and her husband Ryan have two boys – Jonah and Everett. They enjoy their kitties CJ and Henri,  Hobbs – a three-legged loyal pup, and Miska – a loveable giant Malamute. They are southeast Michigan natives who enjoy getting up north to the Petoskey area whenever possible. The opportunity presented itself for Dr. Noel to start her own practice, she and her family couldn’t have been happier. It’s been a dream of theirs to provide quality affordable healthcare and pet education in the local Ypsilanti area

Dr. Jessica Noel, DVM