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Digital Dental Radiology

Insight into underlying issues.

Sixty percent of your pet’s teeth lie below the gum line, and our digital x-ray equipment takes prompt, highly detailed x-ray images of your dog or cat’s teeth along with the roots and surrounding bone while your pet is under anesthesia. We take full mouth radiographs on all of our dental procedures. This is important because of hidden dental diseases.

On the digital x-rays, our veterinarians are able to visualize and diagnose bone loss and/or hidden dental disease that may be present in the tooth roots and jawbone areas that may need advanced treatment. We do not want to take radiographs based on how the top of the tooth looks. All dental procedures have full anesthetic monitoring and support (decreasing the risk of anesthesia greatly).

Digital Dental Xray

Thanks to digital x-rays, we can image the following parts of the mouth:

  • Teeth 
  • Bone 
  • Joints 
  • Soft tissue 

Digital radiology can reveal problems lurking beneath the gums, such as foreign objects, cysts, and even tumors. Studies have shown that, without the help of digital x-rays, significant dental issues are missed in up to 75% of pets. 

If your pet is experiencing discomfort or pain, give us a call at (734) 973-7224 or request an appointment online.  

Dog & Cat Teeth xray