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south arbor utilizes superior surgical standards

At South Arbor Animal Hospital we strive to take the very best care of each and every pet we see. We know leaving your pet for surgery, whether routine or emergent, can be stressful and worrisome for both you and your beloved companion. That’s why you can count on South Arbor to provide comfort, compassion and quality care throughout your pet’s entire stay.

Surgical procedures performed by South Arbor Animal Hospital include:

We take extra precautions in order to ensure your pet’s health and safety while undergoing any anesthetic procedure:

Pre-surgical Exams: Dr. Noel will conduct a thorough nose to tail exam if your pet hasn’t been seen by her in the past 30 days.

Pre-Anesthetic Lab work: Required in dogs and cats over the age of one year. This blood work checks liver and kidney enzymes, blood sugar and total protein. Knowing these values helps us choose the best and safest anesthetic protocol for your pet.

Intravenous Fluids: Required for all surgeries except for feline neuters. This precaution keeps your pet hydrated, allows your pet to metabolize the anesthesia more safely and quickly, as well as gives us the ability to help stabilize blood pressure while he/she is under anesthesia.

Surgical Monitoring: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure, EKG, and SpO2 (oxygen content of the blood) are all monitored closely during surgical procedures.

Recovery: After your pet has been taken off of anesthesia, a technician or doctor remains by your pets side until he/she is extubated (endotracheal tube is removed). Your pet is then checked on, taken outside (if applicable), given food/water and medicated throughout the remainder of their stay.  They are also given a lot of extra love and attention from the staff, to ensure the most pleasant visit possible.

Dropping Off Your Pet for Surgery: Our drop off times for surgery are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 7:30am and Thursday at 11:00am. We ask that you do not feed your pet after midnight the day of surgery (water is permitted during this time). You will be asked to sign an estimate at the time of drop-off as well as the Anesthesia and Surgical Consent Form which can be found on South Arbor’s website.

Picking Up Your Pet After Surgery: After the surgical procedure, a doctor or technician will contact you via phone to let you know how surgery went and how your pet is recovering.  They will also give you a more accurate time as to when your pet can be picked up (usually before 5pm). At the time of pick-up, a technician will go over discharge instructions, including medicine administration and incision site/wound care. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have at this time.

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