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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

COVID-19 Announcement October Update

We are suspending lobby appointments at this time.  There will be a few exceptions, but unfortunately we cannot offer them to the general public at this time. We will continue our curbside routine, as many of you are familiar with by now.  Please call when you get here and we will help guide you through the routine if you aren’t familiar.

We appreciate all of your patience during this very trying time.  While we have all been dealing with life with COVID, the veterinary world has been particularly stressed at this time.  While many businesses may have suffered a decrease in business, we have experienced an exponential increase.  Many people have acquired new pets during this time and have generally had more time to address their pets issues.  This is wonderful news and we are happy to take better care of your furry critters.  But we are still only so many people with so many hands and so much time in the day.  It has been very hard to manage the influx of calls and demands for service.   It is also hard to manage the constant issue of being short-staffed as we handle illnesses and COVID caution.  Please be patient with us as we do the best we can to get everyone seen in a timely fashion.  We appreciate your understanding and gracious attitude with our staff.  They are all working so incredibly hard every single day and it’s easy to feel burned out and overwhelmed.   Any words of encouragement are always welcome to our staff as they interact with you throughout your appointment.  

Please stay safe out there and we look forward to when we can start getting back to our normal routine!





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