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Vaccines for Life Program

Free Vaccines for Pets!

Enroll your pet today and every year they come in for their wellness exam -- any vaccines they need are FREE!

Once a pet (dog or cat) is enrolled, any vaccines (see list below) received are free for its lifetime.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $80.00 per pet.

As long as that pet is examined by the doctor ($49.00 fee per pet) every 12 months for a wellness exam, enrollment will remain current.

For new patients (those pets that have not been seen by our doctor before), they enroll with the $80.00 fee at the time of their first doctor visit ($49.00), so the total to get signed up is $129.00.

For returning patients (those our doctor has already seen), as long as they have seen the doctor sometime in the last 12 months, the total to signup is $80.00. They just need to come in for a wellness exam ($49.00) within 12 months of their last visit

For puppies and kittens, they enroll with the $80.00 fee at the time of their first doctor visit ($49.00), so the total to get signed up is $129.00. They are seen every 3-4 weeks for vaccines through 4 months of age and will have a puppy or kitten follow-up exam fee of $33.00 at each visit. But there will be no charge for vaccines once enrolled in this program.

Depending on what you currently pay for vaccines, the age of your pet at enrollment, and its vaccine schedule, the plan will provide substantial savings.

The free vaccines include:

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Free Vaccines for Life FAQ:

The plan is non-transferable, refundable, or exchangeable for any reason.

* If I purchase the program from you can I use it at any other veterinarian?

No, the Free Vaccines for Life program is exclusively offered at South Arbor Animal Hospital.

* If I have more than one animal do I get a discount on any other animals?

No, we do not offer any discounts to go along with this program. It is a one-time fee per pet, per owner.

* Can I transfer the policy to another pet?

No the policy is for one pet.

* If my pet dies or runs away, shortly after purchasing the policy can I get a refund?

No, we do not give refunds after purchase for any reason.

* If I give away my pet will the new owner be able to use the policy?

No. If you give your pet away then the new owners will have to purchase their own policy.

What happens if I do not make it in to see the doctor before my year passes?

If you do not come in to see the doctor within 1 month of when your pet is due for its annual wellness exam and vaccines, then your policy becomes void. You will have to purchase any vaccines from that point on, or if the plan is still being offered you may re-enroll. For example, if your pet is due for vaccines in December, you have through January to bring them in for their annual exam and continue receiving their free vaccines.

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